November 01, 2018

Captain Confederacy

Captain Confederacy was published between 1986 and 1992. I wrote it; Vince Stone drew it. There have been two Captain Confederacys so far—the second Captain Confederacy was the first black female superhero with her own series published by a major comics publisher, Epic Comics, a division of Marvel Comics.

You can read the story online:

A map of Central North America

1. The Nature of the Hero

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

3. Hero Worship


Ex Vox Machina said...

I was very pleased to find your work. I was researching some work over at when I came upon it.

Good luck.

Will Shetterly said...

Aw. Thank you!

And if you gave the donation that just came in, thank you twice!

OmarSnake said...

very nice to find this! I remember enjoying the original many years ago; i look forward to checking out the 'remastered' version.

C.S.A. said...

I am glad that I found out about Cpt. Confederacy because It is good to read something that is "pro-confederate".In my opinion it's the Best Comic Book Ever made.If your interested you can check out my blogs, feel free to write on 'em as well.

Cpl. Roger (C.S.A.)

Heath said...

This is such an incredible find! I LOVED Captain Confederacy when I was in High School. It plays right into my love of alternate histories. It's one of the books I always look for when I visit a new comic shop. The letters pages were as fun as the comic itself. I have several copies of a few issues, but I'm missing a few other issues. I can't wait to re-read the revised and complete editions!

Will Shetterly said...

Heath, you made my day!

John Weaver said...

Dear Will,
Will these comics be up for a while? I'd love to use them in some college courses I'm teaching. Thanks!

Best wishes,
Dr. John Weaver
SUNY Binghamton

Will Shetterly said...

John, my plan is to leave these up for as long as Google will host them. If you use them, do let me know!

nude0007 said...

I liked the stories! The characters were well defined and it wasn't some silly slugfest over egos. I really liked the original Captain costume (except for the whip and the open top to show his hair. He needs a full cowl.) and hope it gets some use again. I'd like to see the stars and bars portrayed as standing for positive aspects instead of anything negative. I have always liked stripes down the sides of pants too. Maybe a name change like Col. Rebel. I liked Ms. Dixie's chr and costume, but I hate it when women are portrayed as tring to fight crime in high heels and bare legs. She was racist, but that has to fade as her powers get stronger. She would have to realize that they are people just like anyone else. Delve into the malleability of their powers being mental. It would seem that mental powers would be more personality driven. Telekinesis and maybe force fields would be interesting, and each of them tending to "specialize" their powers in different ways. Flight is always desirable. Wouldn't it be a gas if they basically willed themselves to be immortal? Apparently their powers could dramatically affect their bodies. I didn't particularly like the new costumes in the color comic.

The politics and racism were not overdone and used effectively, and the stories and characters kept me interested. I'd like to see more. I like it when super powered people fight injustice, not just some megalomaniac.
I was wondering if the hippee movement could have happened at some point and if that and civil rights came about. So many
avenues that could be explored. Also, technology is so dependent upon timing and what was developed before. Maybe a vastly different kind of technology would come about here, since they have more enemies at many borders. I would think
large corporations wouldn't form, so big business wouldn't lobby government so much and pervert many laws to their advantage. Maybe it would be a more community oriented society, with laws that protect its citizens over companies. I think it might be possible that there would be less resistance to environmental issues and sustainable energy. I haven't got a good feel of how this alternate history has affected rational thinking. Varying degrees of racism and inequality seem to be prevalent, but also people of color do not seem to be held back or persecuted so much, getting education or travelling about at will.
All in all a very interesting offering. Please do more!

Will Shetterly said...

Ah, you make me want to find a way to continue the series. Many thanks for the comments!

jigsaw3maybe said...

I recently saw a Captain Confederacy comic book on eBay. Prior to this I was not aware of its existence. The image cover shown was of a white, red-headed "Captain Confederacy". I did not find this image in your photo gallery. Is this one of your comic books? Also in one entry your CC comics were listed in the "sy-fy" category but a comment this page eludes to "their pro-confederate" content. This seems somewhat incongruous to me. Can you elaborate?
BTW being Southern born and bred, I generally ascribe to the theory that the Civil War was not fought primarily (or even secondarily) to free the slaves, as is taught in schools. Both Lincoln and Grant owned slaves and many Northerners owned slaves well after the Civil War.

Will Shetterly said...

jigsaw, if you click the links in the sidebar, you can read the stories. The first series was about a white male Captain; the second, about a black female one.

I think the Civil War was about both slavery and states' rights, and people who try to make it one or the other are oversimplifying. Different people had a different emphasis, but for the ruling class of the Confederacy, slavery mattered enormously, as their Constitution shows.

I think Captain Confederacy is pro-South, not pro-Confederacy. I did my best to be fair to the characters. I lived in the South for much of my youth, and I know there's a lot to love about the people and the land.

philippos42 said...

I just found this blog.

Takes me back.