June 18, 2009

fan art!

Danno at staplegenius.com(ics) did a version of of our first cover which makes me grin:

ETA: And he's got a nice post about it here.

June 01, 2009

the complete Captain Confederacy

Captain Confederacy was published between 1986 and 1992. I wrote it; Vince Stone drew it. There have been two Captain Confederacys so far—the second Captain Confederacy was the first black female superhero with her own series published by a major comics publisher, Epic Comics, a division of Marvel Comics.

The reviewers said:
  • "...plots are intricate and creative.... This is not a comic book for children." ―Southern Magazine
  • "...excellent alternate-Earth science fiction." ―Comics Buyer's Guide
  • "...Written with intelligence and no fear of controversy. Buy it!" ―Graffiti
  • "From the retooled Stars and Bars of Captain Confederacy's costume to the mapping of urban and rural southern places, the series takes up the symbols of the South and imaginitively reconstructs them, shaking loose the stock figures, geographies, and temporalities of southerness. If Octavia Butler and Kara Walker alter the meaning of the southern lady, Shetterly reconfigures the southern gentleman, unfixing his location in an idealized Civil War past, instead deploying him for a different understanding of our present." ―Reconstructing Dixie: Race, Gender, and Nostalgia in the Imagined South, by Tara McPherson (Duke University)
I've revised it in the hope I'll look like a better writer than I was—the dialogue's leaner, the pacing's faster, and the conclusion's stronger. The complete Captain Confederacy story:
The original Captain Confederacy comics sometimes turn up on eBay or in bittorrents, but besides an inferior script throughout, the lettering for the second story reeks. (I can say that since I was the letterer. It was one of the first experiments in computer lettering, and not a good one.) However, Matt Feazell and Stu Shiffman did great backup stories, and several people besides my wife have said we had the best letters column in comics—if you care about alternate history, anyway.

—Will Shetterly


The books can be bought at Amazon, but Vince and I get more of the cover price if you buy them at CreateSpace:

Captain Confederacy 1

Captain Confederacy 2

Ebooks are available too, at Barnes & Noble as epub files for most readers:

BARNES & NOBLE | Captain Confederacy 1: the Nature of the Hero

BARNES & NOBLE | Captain Confederacy 2: Hero Worship

and at Amazon for the Kindle:

Captain Confederacy 1: the Nature of the Hero: Will Shetterly, Vince Stone: Amazon.com: Kindle Store

Captain Confederacy 2: Hero Worship: Will Shetterly, Vince Stone: Amazon.com: Kindle Store