February 18, 2009

my death threat

Everyone says the letters column was the best thing about Captain Confederacy, and while I would never slight any of the other contributors, Vince Stone, Matt Feazell, Stu Shiffman, and John M. Ford, I loved the letter column dearly. My favorite letter of all is probably this one. I don't know if the name and return address are legit, or if the letter was meant as a parody that the writer thought would amuse me, or if it was sincere. I rule out the parody because of the last line and because, if it was parody, I would expect it to go further. That it's over-the-top is a given; many old-school racists wish they were William F. Buckley. It clearly isn't a threat of imminent doom.

But it's a death threat, and I'm flattered. People don't write death threats if they don't care about your work.

It ran in Captain Confederacy #7.

Chapter 4, Part 2

Chapter 4: Me And The Devil Blues