February 05, 2006

about revising Captain Confederacy

As I revise, I'm appalled at what a bad comic book writer I was. People were kind because they liked the idea of a superhero as a propaganda tool in an alternate reality, but, oh, how I went on with no sense of where I was going. Which is my way of saying, If you're thinking of getting the original issues, I beg you, wait for this version to be finished and collected. Even if it's not better than the original, it's a faster read.

Part of me wishes I never began revising. But I'm proud of the Miss Dixie story published in #6 (which will still be pruned), and I love John M. Ford's story from #10 (which will not have one word changed), and I'll always be grateful to Vince for coming through every time. My only real regret about revising this is deleting many pages and panels that I like. But I'm remembering the rule that every storyteller should know: If something doesn't serve the story, no matter how much you like it, cut it.

If you're curious about the effect of the changes so far:

Chapter One was 30 pages; it's 28.

Chapter Two was 24 pages; it's 18.

Chapter Three was 26 pages; it's 16.

Yes, if this pattern continues, the page count for Chapter Twelve will be in negative numbers.
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